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Aaron Brakke is a friend of mine through the EGS, and he’s put together a pretty incredible conference. The Digital Reveal is in Columbia, so it’s already got that going for it, but it also features a speakers list that includes Michael Hensel, Sean Ahlquist, SOFTlab, and Marc Fornes… which is pretty impressive. Submit all the things and get to Bogota.

More info ::here::.


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It’s been up for a little bit, but I did want to post here my Creative Mornings ABQ presentation The Robotic Other. Thanks again to Roxanne and the Creative Mornings ABQ crew for making this a fantastic event.

Still from ‘Solipsist,’ directed by Andrew Thomas Huang


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Achim Menges just finished his fifth ICD / ITKE Pavilion, his third in carbon fiber. As always, Achim utilizes a biomemetic strategy as the driver of the pavilion’s design, in this case he borrows from the weaving technique of the Diving Bell Spider. The Diving Bell lives underwater and to facilitate breathing it creates web-reinforced air bubbles. These bubbles served as the model for the ETFE / carbon fiber pavilion, utilizing a pneumatic framework for the strands.

What’s particularly notable about this year’s pavilion vs previous years, is the design of the robot itself. A Kuka arm was modded to not only place fiber and resin / glue in place, but also to respond to the deformations of the pneumatic formwork in real time. The structure is efficient and formally compelling, but the architectural team modifying a fabrication robot to this degree is the real innovation. Achim keeps setting the bar extremely high for the rest of us…

More about the 2015 ICD / ITKE Pavilion here.


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The Datawall was featured on BYU’s Top of Mind with Julie Rose. Listen here if you’re interested, thanks for having me on Julie!

Apparently I sound like a muppet…


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Want to try Python and don’t want to go through the hassle of installing it? Want to test a script and you’re away from your laptop? is a handy web app that will let you run Python scripts in your browser. It makes working with Python much, much more manageable and a breeze to use when you’re on the road.

From ::Wired

Obscura Digital’s Installation for F8

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Obscura Digital’s installation for the F8 conference uses 3D Cameras like Kinects to track users and map similar interests, friends, locations, etc. The installation queries the user’s Facebook profiles, and uses the data to drive the floor projections. It’s a pretty interesting convergence of digital communication in physical space.

Read more here.

Passed along by Kameron Baumgardner.

Creative Mornings ABQ

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I couldn’t be more honored to be presenting at the inaugural Creative Mornings ABQ. The nation-wide Creative Mornings theme will be “Robots”, so I’ll be talking about robots, architecture, and architecture for robots… the event will be hosted by Westbund West, so if you’re in ABQ either register here or come on by!

TBN Datawall Featured on KRQE

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KRQE ran a segment on my proposed (and yet to be named) Datawall for 516 Arts. Stay tuned for more updates…

Infoam Progress Processing Sketches

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Here’s a collection of concept sketches done in Processing for my ARCH 602 design studio. The studio’s been looking at how digital communication is effecting a sense of place, these sketches are the start of proposals for a dynamic, enhanced physical environment.

Ambrose Martinez
Sound & color Movement

Alexis Gauthier
Movement web created with several node systems that have varying size/ stroke weight dependent on their proximity to one another.

Josh Wishart
Sailing Cities

Rocio Rodriguez
Conceptual adaptive city

Leonard Perez
Teal block representing digital realm, orange block representing physical realm. When conditions are just right, a tertiary space emerges (the noisy bubbles) which represents a zone between digital/physical.

Stefan Johnson

ACADIA 2015 Announced

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Get ready for spaghetti with your chili, this year’s ACADIA will be in Cincinatti. As chair of the Computational Ecologies MS.Arch track here at UNM, I’m very excited by the theme choice…

I’m not 100% that I’ll be there yet, but will be posting on that when I know. Feel free to connect through @aw_4.