urban aquaponics in denver

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a fascinating article on a prospective aquaponic farm as a vehicle for urban renewal in denver. Urban Organics, the potential facility profiled, not only would provide locally grown food and produce, but also cooking, nutrition and sustainability workshops.

what’s interesting about this project, is that it is engaging the local community in sustainability and health on a very basic level. by providing both a model of how people could grow their own food and lessons in how they could create their own food production systems, Urban Organics is providing the opportunity to create a behavioral shift. I’ve written about this a lot on TOSD, but I feel strongly that we can create as many technological advances as we want, but until we actually start effecting our collective culture we won’t make any significant change. sustainability isn’t about having the most fuel efficient car, it’s about changing your behavior so you don’t use one at all. Urban Organics wouldn’t just providelocally grown produce and fish, it would give an entire community the vision and means to do it themselves.

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eating locally… in arctic alaska

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sure, eating local is a nice way of feeling sustainable if you live in southern california. you take a little extra time in your whole foods examining your avocados before you place them in your canvas bag, hop on your fixed gear and ride away. but if you live in barrow alaska, the northernmost settlement in the US, eating locally means you’re eating whale blubber- and a lot of it.

jonathan harris’ the whale hunt is one of the most unique and compelling websites I have come across. the shear beauty of the photographs would be worth visiting on their own, but the interface and the method of documentation is really incredible. the amount of photos taken during a specific interval is determined by what is heart rate was at that point- the higher his heart rate, the more photos taken. while there are obvious moments where you’d expect an observer’s heart rate to be high (when a whale is pulled onto the ice by a village of people by hand), there are other moments where you wouldn’t expect a high heart rate that adds an incredible personal touch to the story.

24-7 sandwich shop contest

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a friend of mine from sciarc created an online thought contest to generate new ideas about our relationship to food. 24-7 sandwich shop identifies the radical disconnect between a quickly evolving mechanism for producing food, and a static concept of what food is. find the more interactive facebook page here.


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a fridge-less kitchen?

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the i GREEN kitchen is a very interesting design by veneta cucine + nilay shah, promoting a kitchen oriented around sustainability and a veggie heavy diet. read about it here on hometone.org.