not loving the revit ribbon?

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revit 2010 is a far, far superior version to 2009. I don’t think there’s any debate on this. but the one thing that is a little less than popular is the new autodesk ribbon interface. commands appear and disappear, menus rearrange themselves… at the very least it takes some getting used to.

so if you’re not used to the interface and don’t want to bother learning it- there’s help. whatrevitwants posted a little work around that allows you use the revit 2009 interface in 2010. I actually found this when I was working on a machine in a different office and wanted to get back to the 2010 interface… this post is pretty helpful if you’re trying to do that as well.

from ::whatrevitwants

scripting wiki

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for years it’s been difficult for algorythmic designers to have a resource for scripts. typically, you used to have to wait for david rutten or andrew kudless to post something and then hope that it was what you were looking for. a good friend of mine and TOSD, nick pisca, has created a wiki devoted to creating an online database of various scripts- BLAST. nick and others have done a very good job seeding the initial site with very interesting scripts and the range of software they cover is striking- everything from maya and rhino to running journal files in revit.


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a lot of people have been asking me about revit- my background is with maya and rhino, so typically people are surprised to hear that I am starting to prefer a program that is so well known for restrictive modeling capabilities.  I’m working on an entry that will shed light on the issue, but in the meantime this is an article by rick rundell I thought was interesting.

1-2-3 Revit: BIM and Algorithmic Form Finding