EGS Digital Design / Architecture PhD Lineups Announced

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EGS - PhD - Digital Design - Architecture Urbanism 2015 - APPLY NOW-1
Last summer I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural semester of the European Graduate School’s Digital Design PhD program. The EGS is well known for it’s philosophy / media & communications program, which has featured instructors like Slavlov Zizek, Jean Baudrillard, and Paul Virilio- Manuel De Landa is not only a former instructor, but an alumnus as well. The Digital Design program featured the jaw-dropping lineup of Neil Leach, Ben Bratton, Achim Menges, Patrik Schumacher, John Frazier, & Alisa Andrasek- and is bringing them all back next summer. The second year lineup will include Philip Beesley, Mark Burry, Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden from Metahaven, Casey Reas, Rem Koolhaas, Sanford Kwinter and François Roche- so obviously I’m stoked. They’ve also introduced an Architecture and Urbanism PhD, which will feature some of the names already mentioned along with Keller Easterling.

The program is not just unique for its faculty but also for its format- each class is three days with two three-hour lectures. Every night there is a presentation by one of the faculty that’s open to all of the programs, so it’s remarkably intense. The entire “semester” is packed into 3 weeks, but was more productive than some semesters I had in grad school. The program was completely catalytic for my own work, and I could not recommend it enough… and that’s before you get to the fact that it’s located in Saas-Fee, the “Pearl of the Swiss Alps.”

The EGS is starting to post the lectures from last summer, I’ll be posting them here as well as documenting my experience this summer. Feel free to hit me up with questions on the comments below.