Infoam Student Projects

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Here’s some selections from last year’s ARCH 401 studio here at UNM. The studio description reads:

Infoam is a research-based investigation into the relationship between urban context and architecture. The studio examines relationships between urban behavior, big data and architectural design through the Innovate Albuquerque initiative. Infoam uses a data-based approach to demonstrate how architecture can affect local economy and support an urban agenda.

Starting by researching the city of Albuquerque as a whole, the students proposed urban strategies that were then supported by architectural interventions. A reference to the work of Peter Sloterdijk, the title Infoam is meant to suggest an architecture that is a connective tissue between our own individual spheres, a foam capable of providing urban conditions for the 21st century.

The first image is by David Maron. All following images are followed by the authors.

Alyssa Garnham

Nicolas Leonard

Cory Archie

Damien Williams

Jieon Sung