I was lucky enough to take ModeLab’s Grasshopper workshop at Woodbury over the weekend. The class was fantastic- informative, interesting, and a really acute insight into ModeLab’s methodology.

Even though both Ronnie and Gill, ModeLab’s principals, were frequently apologetic for the fast pace, I was very impressed by the amount of deliberation they used and their thoroughness in introducing Grasshopper and computational design techniques. Most of the exercises we did were more scaled-down versions of the AutoTower (images above) project they feature on their site. Starting with simple lines and relationships we remapped this information on surfaces and generated more surfaces and linework. One of the most interesting parts of the workshop was using their ModeTools, a series of C+ scripts written for them by Giulio Piacentino of Weaver Bird, which allows you to bake color information and line thickness into Rhino. This allows these characteristics of the linework to be parametrically driven, increasing the ability for Grasshopper to be utilized as a drawing tool.

Check out ModeTools here and Giulio’s latest version of bakeAttributes here.