it would be arrogant, ungrateful, and unproductive to begin a blog on design technology without acknowledging the sites and resources that that have helped my understanding of digital design and process.

here’s a list of the ones that I use frequently, sometimes daily, for information and technique.– david rutten’s generosity with information and technique has been the foundation for more than one studio at sciarc… with out him knowing it.   david epitomizes the spirit of open-source, and his website is a great resource for rhino scripts.

material systems organization– andrew kudless has written some remarkably creative scripts for rhino, maya, and generative components. his honeycomb script was the base for his manifold project. check out his blog as well.

nick pisca was a classmate of mine at sciarc.  his website has interesting stuff on catia, gehry’s digital project, and vegetable fuel oil.

revit city– a fantastic forum for revit discussion and a great source for family downloads.   not exactly the coolest name, though…

highend3d– a solid resource for maya scripts and other downloads.  nick puckett has put some very interesting ones up here.

3dcafe–  less solid on the scripts, more about on the materials and geometry.

turbosquid– a great resource for geometry downloads.