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I posted about Heavy and PublicAdCampaign collaboration Re+Public a few months ago, now they’ve released the beta for their app NO AD and are planning on launching an augmented reality art campaign in the NYC subways in September.

With the nascent AR hardware like Google Glass, Vuzix, and the recently acquired by Microsoft Osterhout becoming more prevalent, strategies for integration of the digital into the virtual will become more relevant and pervasive. Re+Public’s approach of replacing gaudy advertisement with curated art is a provocation at the moment, but what happens to advertising if you can program your Corning Automotive Windshield to replace every billboard with a Stephen Glassman Greenboard? It’s a little simplistic to expect a seven billon dollar industry to simply cave, but what would be the outdoor advertising’s response to their version of TiVo? How do you do product placement in the physical world?

Production Mix – Drol., Nebulae Closing Party

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Fantastic minimalism from Drol., a great mix for the Nebulae Closing Party at Loft in Montreal. Just turn on, tune out, and produce…

Slight – Anonymous Social Networking

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John Nash’s Slight is a geo-located, anonymous chat app that ties metadata to location instead of user identity. Rather than following a specific named source, the app allows users to find conversations relative to a specific place. Slight uses a map interface to show where conversations are occurring and allows users to interface with a specific dialogue.

Slight is an interesting development, a proto-web 3.0 app in the same vein of Foursquare. While the user is not completely tethered to their location, the app initially organizes conversations relative to location and conversations cannot be started except within a user’s specific location. This blend of inflexibility / flexibility towards geo-location is a compelling balance, and could serve as a model of how the virtual and digital realms interact moving forward.

Read more on Slight here and here.
From Michelle Lane / BREAD.

Drunken Walks : Re-Appropriating Algorithmic Analogy

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Cheyney Thompson showed in the exhibition and Materials and Money and Crisis last year at the Mumok in Vienna. There’s something very compelling about his re-appropriation of economic theory into a generative algorithm, something that both highlights the lack of predictability of the economic system while producing seductively intricate forms. The conceptual driver of Thompson’s work is an analogy made by mathematician Louis Bachelier in 1900, describing economics as taking a random or drunken walk. Thompson simulates this walk by algorithmically moving a cube and preserving its path. Some of the more interesting forms are the ones that collapse under their own weight, essentially finding their form through their own structural failure.

Thompson’s algorithms of contingency are refreshingly amoral compared to the almost fundamentalist algorithms of architectural optimization. There is no concern towards structural or material efficiency, simply a serial generation of form. Performative criteria doesn’t matter, it just simply does.

From Michelle Lane / BREAD

We Feel

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We feel is both an use of social media for cultural analytics as well as some fantastic interactive infographics. The site searches for tweets with certain emotional keywords, then allows you to filter by continent, gender and date. Check out the site here.
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Re+Public : Austin + Perth

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This is a pretty interesting project from Heavy, where the wheatpaste mural acts as an intricate QR code. This is one of the most robust AR projects I’ve seen in terms of detail and motion overlays, if you’ve seen larger post them in the comments.

Headed to ACSA

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I’m taking my talents to South Beach- I’ll be presenting on the Game On!: The Use of Location Based Technologies In Design Today panel at ACSA this Friday at 5:00pm in Miami. Hit me up at @aw_4 if you’re there.

Citi Bike Visualization

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This visualization of Citi Bike usage in NYC was put together by Line Point Path to mark the release of Citi Bike’s System Data. The video’s a gorgeous and fascinating visualization and the Citi Bike Data is a great resource for anyone looking at Manhattan transit.
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Production Mix – Mogi Grumbles Does EFNY

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Mogi Grumbles is back, and after his amazing re-score of Tron he has taken on Escape From New York. This is a classic “play and forget mix”, and will keep you on task for hours. But when you need a break from working you can check out the film with the new soundtrack here.
From ::iso50

FridayEyeCandy – Naji Noda

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