Production Mix – modernluv’s Pillow Pushers

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A fantastic mix by the collaboration between Ghostly’s Moderna and LA’s Jeniluv. It starts off fairly easy, gets going around 14 minutes, and before you realize it 30 more minutes have just passed by.

Positioning .gpx Information in GH

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The GPS eXchange file format is a quick and easy way to get geo-located points out of a tracking software such as Strava or MapMyRide. I hadn’t realized that it was in an .xml format until reading Hjörtur Sigurðsson’s blog post on positioning Endomondo information in GH. Sigurðsson doesn’t go into detail about how to develop the script, so I thought I’d play around with it and see how to get .gpx info into the GH environment. This script uses components from gHowl and Elk, feel free to click on any of the images to enlarge.


The first step is to create a link between GH and the .gpx file path. Save the .gpx file you’d like to use somewhere on your machine or server, and then use the File Path module to link the information into GH.


Use gHowl’s Xml Parser module to parse and understand the .xml data.


The .xml data will likely have some metadata at the top of your point list, use the Split Tree module to create a branch without this info. The Split Tree’s splitting input is inclusive, so you want to list the last branch you’d like to remove for the split.


The formatting may change depending on your .gpx source. In this case, the point coordinates were listed as separate items within a branch, so use list items to separate the different coordinates and then merge them back together in a Construct Point module.


Once the points are formatted, follow the same sequence I described in my tutorial on using Elk to Create Maps in Grasshopper. This requires finding a .osm file and SRTM data of the same area that you are mapping. This isn’t an overly elegant solution at the moment, but will allow you to position .gpx information within GH. Good luck!

Friday Eye Candy – The Aether Project

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passed along by ::tim castillo

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Production Mix – Hatchback’s Japanese Love Boat

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It’s the beginning of the semester, so we’re not going to be exactly flooring it just yet. All that’s needed is some engaging background music, something that’s not demanding of your focus but will keep you at the keyboard. This Hatchback mix for Dream Chimney should do the trick.
From ::iso50

Production Mix – Todd Terje’s Essential Mix

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Here’s a super up-beat production mix for those of you who are finishing your semesters. If Todd Terje’s music was a person, it would always get invited to the party- totally optimistic, bouncy, and freaking fun… but with a steady BMP that will launch you through two hours. The tracks are completely eclectic and I assure you, no one’s made The Steve Miller Band sound so good…

Parametric Urbanism Final Projects

NataliaCundari_bike accident
South Lake Union Bike Accidents by Natalia Cundari

In last summer’s Parametric Urbanism seminar we looked at how social media could be aggregated to better understand urban behavior. Using the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, the students looked at everything from MapMyRun paths to Flickr hashtags. The information was gathered and positioned with Grasshopper plugins Elk, gHowl, Mosquito and Lunch Box and exported to Google Earth. Some of the projects are embedded below, please note that for many of them you will have to pan down to see the information.

**Please note: The GEarthHacks plugin seems to work best with Google Chrome. There may be loading issues with older browsers.

Urban Tribes / Hyper-Local By Sophie Brasfield
An investigation into local subcultures through searching for keywords on Google Maps reviews and proprietor websites, then mapping the aggregation of these keywords.
Hypothesis: Amazon will not kill small business, it will change it however. What’s left after the internet? Places that offer an experience.



South Lake Union Recreation by Dale Lusk
This file uses MapMyRun data to map the aggregation of running routes in South Lake Union. Highways are described as barriers, parks described as nodes, and paths mapped between them. The paths stack, growing wider, taller, and with more color information based off of how many people use them.

Flickr Moods by Zhu Zhu and Stevie Hartman
The lines are the collection of different moods. (the sad mood line is composed of sad mood points; the happy mood line is composed of happy mood points etc.)
Metaball are used to show the density of the mood points too.


happy, joyful, fun, interesting, beautiful, elegant, surprised …
Negative (blue):
sad, cry, tear, depressed, angry, suck, disgusting…..

Craigslist Flotsam by Catherine Harris
South Lake Union is a man shaped lake with filled in marsh land and extensive dredging mostly accomplished in the early 20th Century. I became interested in the idea of flotsam — those items that wash up on shore, as an index of human presence in South Lake Union.
I looked on craigslist and found all the items people were selling in a particular 24 hour period. I then filtered for items which included a google map. Then I took those items and found their geo coordinates and placed a marker in google earth. I also used those geo coordinates to generate a metaball geometry through gHowl and Grasshopper, which mapped centers of intensity, by creating a dome like structure reflecting the numbers of contiguous or nearby points.

I used a nearest point mapping module in Grasshopper to take a tracing of the two most near coastlines, the southern shore of South Lake Union and the nearest ocean front and from those two lines, generated a series of possible lines to form the shortest distances between the two shorelines. This mapping is only possible because of the early 20th Century removal of Denny Hill, which was leveled to create the current topography of South Lake Union. Thus the land can be seen as transiently in its current angle of repose.

The conjunction of these two forms, projected on a Google Earth mapping of South Lake Union, gives a reading of the marginalized material goods and their potential trajectories.

Grocery Situation in South Lake Union by Michael Salinas
An investigation into food accessibility in South Lake Union, articulated by geometric aggregations and separations in an attempt to define a range of grocery territory.

All Google Earth Embeds powered by Google Earth Hacks.

Production Mix – Fever Ray’s Halloween Mix for RA 2009

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Here’s my favorite Halloween mix for everyone in studio tonight working on a Friday deadline. Fever Ray put this together for Resident Advisor back in 2009, and it just about broke the internet. Don’t listen if you’re alone, there are some significantly scary parts that sneak up on you…

Fever Ray's Resident Advisor Podcast by Graveyard on Mixcloud

Webb, Harris and Dubois selected for HDTS 2013

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It’s a real honor to be selected this year’s High Desert Test Sites. For the first time, HDTS is expanding it’s turf to Albuquerque and I’ll be working with the incredibly talented duo of Catherine Harris and Nina Dubois to create a dynamic inflatable structure. The structure will use passive heating to open during the day providing shelter from the sun and close at night to provide warmth and enclosure. High Desert Test Sites has been an incredible platform for experimental architecture and I can’t be more pleased to be involved.

If you’re interested in following the development of our project, please keep checking AFTER INPUT and sign up for the AFTER INPUT mailing list. Pumped!

Production Mix – Evil Nine’s For Fighters Vol. 1

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I’m a huge fan of the Evil Nine, this one is a classic “click play and forget” mix that makes the hour and 15 minutes fly by.

Friday Eye Candy – Phototrails

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