moc / ep (the morphogenesis of climatic / environmental performativity) is a topological response to passive climate control, which creates structural, organizational and formal effects. moc / ep is the deployment of an architectural component that mediates solar irradiation, but also adapts to and is informed by structural and programmatic needs. these needs respond in a complex feedback loop, manipulating the component and altering the topology. the end result is not simply an intelligent structural system, but an architectural, ecological, and environmental response to site, program, and climate. the tumbleweed rover is an inflatable ball that relies on wind for mobility. directed by the wind, the tumbleweed will roll across the martian landscape until it finds a spot worth investigating. it will then deflate, take measurements, send them back to earth, re-inflate, and roll on.

there is currently no facility at JPL to test the 20′ tall tumbleweed rover.