In neuromancer, William Gibson described Chiba JP as having a sky “the color of a dead television.” The city was disconnected from the network, a filling station by the information super highway with no on-ramp. TCOLT is trying to do the opposite- it’s trying to act as a bridge between the virtual and the physical. Augmented reality is the most significant step in creating this bridge. It’s a technology that superimposes information over a live video image, the kind of information superimposed can vary from locational based information (like reviews of a restaurant you happen to be outside of, places to work on your laptop, or the location where you parked your car) to reference based information that responds to markers that exist in physical space.

TCOLT will look at the second kind of augmented reality, and start to experiment with these markers, how they are arranged, and how they start to effect spacial experiences. The experience of seeing something enhanced through a phone doesn’t replace the physical experience, but how it augments it may be in more ways than just seeing the digital image. The physical construction of these markers will have a specific effect on the space they inhabit on its own, and the tension between the two layers of reality is the area of exploration.